Timing Belt Replacement & Engine Rebuilds

Timing Belt

Timing Belt Replacement

A timing belt replacement is an absolutely essential part of your vehicles maintenance and repair over your cars lifetime. Because without it your car simply won’t be able to go anywhere. A faulty timing belt could also lead to potential engine damage. Most modern vehicles are equipped with timing chains or timing belts that need replacing every 60,000 – 100,000 miles. One of the most common signs that your timing belt needs replacing is a rattling noise that comes from the front of the engine. Plastic chunks in the oil are another indication that a timing belt replacement may be needed. It is important that the first signs of a faulty timing belt are taken seriously and a replacement is done quickly due to the fact that a faulty timing belt can cause a great deal of damage to your engine, sometimes even destroying it completely.

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Engine Rebuilds

Sometimes engine damage is inevitable. Loud knocking or grinding noises coming from under the hood are one of the most common signs that your engine may be damaged. Engine damage can be caused from a wide array of things. A crack or leak in the combustion chamber can lead to a lack of compression. Our mechanics will run a compression test to diagnose lack of compression before rebuilding the engine. If your engine is using oil too quickly it can be a sign of an engine leak and if not addressed quickly it can lead to great engine damage. If you notice any of these signs with your vehicle, an engine rebuild may be necessary. If you feel like your engine might be damaged, bring it down to the experts at Foreign Car Center to avoid any more potential damages. In the event that your engine is damaged, an engine rebuild may be necessary. Foreign Car Center rebuilds engines for all types of vehicles. We have rebuilt hundreds of engines throughout the years saving people from the troubles of having to purchase a new vehicle and saving them money along the way.