BMW & Land Rover ECU Repair & Module Coding

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BMW ECU Repair & Module Coding

ECU is the abbreviation for Engine Control Unit. The Engine Control Unit is essentially the “brain” of your BMW vehicle. The Engine Control Unit is responsible for many functions of the car. For example the ECU controls ignition timing, air-to-fuel as well as idle speed. In some BMW models the ECU takes control of the engine when the value opens. In other BMW models, the ECU comes electronically and features an electronic value control. The electronic value feature minimizes fuel consumption while alleviating horsepower as well as torque. Using the vehicles ECU can be extremely beneficial, making it extremely important that you get your car checked out the instance you feel something may be up with the ECU.

Land Rover ecu repair from Foreign Car Center NYC

Land Rover ECU Repair & Module Coding

The ECU of your Land Rover controls various engine operations making it an essential part of your vehicle. Some signs that you need to watch out for are  ignition, injection, and idle air control issues. For many  Land Rover models, the main purpose to format the ECU is to get rid of error codes inside the engine using a good scan tool. Land Rover special coding is a process used by Land Rover that groups together specific data together. A label or code is then assigned to each group. These groups of data are pre-loaded into specific control modules. These Pre-loaded modules come with a basic set of operating instructions. Emissions controls, manual or auto transmission, 02 sensors, and fuel type are all several types of operating requirements. The technicians at Foreign Car Center NYC have a great deal of experience with BMW and Land Rover ECU repair and module coding for vehicles of all years and models. We take care of any software related issues you may have including but not limited to, software updates, ECU issues, module coding, and key programming. We have the technology and knowledge to resolve any of these issues in a timely and efficient manner.