Air Suspension Repair & Hydraulic System Repair

air suspension

Air Suspension Repair

An air suspension system is composed of a central air suspension compressor as well as air struts within an air bag at each wheel. The air compressor then pressurizes the air struts as needed to control the feel of the vehicle. Air suspensions have several advantages over traditional shocks and struts. With air suspension the ride quality is often controlled by the driver of the vehicle. If you want a smoother or rougher ride you have the option to set your air suspension system to deliver that desired outcome. You can also control ride height, some air suspension systems do this automatically. Weight management is also one of the advantages given by an air suspension system. If you load the back of your truck with a large amount of weight the air suspension system will automatically adjust to handle the load. With traditional shocks and struts the level of rebound cannot be adjusted no matter the weight you have in the back resulting in a sagging rear end. Although an air suspension system is more complex, the advantage it offers attracts plenty of people into choosing it over traditional shocks and struts.

Hydraulic System Repair

Hydraulic System Repair

Hydraulic suspension kits transform your vehicles current suspension into a hydraulic suspension system. A hydraulic suspension system uses four independent dampers with hydraulic fluid. When the vehicle is in operation, each damper can be pressurized and de-pressurized simply with a few controls so you are able to adjust them as much as you may like. Similar to air suspensions, hydraulics can produce a smoother ride. Hydraulics are also responsive and react quicker than most other suspensions systems. Since each shock is independent, hydraulic systems are extremely customizable. You can adjust specific shocks to a certain height. Both air suspension and hydraulic systems help vehicles enhance their performance with handling and capabilities. Although they perform similar functions, it ultimately comes down to your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for something easily customizable then you might be better suited for a hydraulic system. If you’re looking for better towing performance and a smoother drive then you should consider an air suspension kit. Regardless of which one of the two you may choose; the Foreign Car Center provides exceptional air suspension and hydraulic system repair services. We have a tremendous deal of experience installing hydraulics and air suspense systems to cars of all years, makes, and models. If you’re unsure of which system would serve you best, our highly skilled and trained mechanics will guide you through the process to determine which would be a better option for you.